Fuel / Use Tax Reporting

All states assess a tax for fuel (in conjunction with the tax imposed at the pump), and some states have additional taxation on highway use. Each state has its own International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) filing reports, and each base state audits for compliance with the requirements. If fuel/use taxes are filed incorrectly or filed late, penalties will be assessed. Our goal is to keep your fuel/use tax expenses minimal by providing the best quality service available today.

  • FILING TAX FORMS: We recap and audit your trip records, and calculate and file the tax returns. Trip record information is processed on a regular basis, so if there are any problems we will be able to correct them before submitting the taxes. You provide to us the tax payment, and we mail exactly what is due to the proper state agency. If you are due a refund because of over-purchasing of fuel, we file for the refund at no charge. We process the IFTA tax returns. Also, we file the taxes on miles traveled in Kentucky, New Mexico, and New York. If you are involved in leasing, by utilizing our service, you will pay only the taxes for your operation.
  • DAILY TRIP BOOKS: You are given a free supply of daily trip books to give to each driver. The trip books are easy to complete. We ask for daily mileages, states driven in, and routes traveled. We include a postage-paid envelope for your use when mailing trip books, fuel receipts, and tolls to us.
  • INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION PLAN: As a tax or tax/permit client, we can partially complete your IRP renewal because the mileage that is used to complete your tax return is used for the IRP application. We also review the vehicle information to ensure accuracy. We return the renewal application to you, along with instructions for submitting it to your state of registration.
  • CLIENT SUPPORT: We stay on top of regulation changes, especially fuel tax rates and fuel tax audit procedural changes, through our close relationship with the states and our affiliation with trade groups, like IFTA Inc. and the Federation of Tax Administrators.
  • FEE: Our service fee begins at $50.00 per unit per month if the trip book is completed properly (per IFTA requirements). Improperly completed trip books that do not comply with IFTA requirements will be charged $150.00 per unit per month. Trip books received in our office after the 20th of the following month of operations will be assessed a $10.00 late fee.

Available only to firms that own or operate commercial motor equipment.

Your records are kept confidential and are used only for processing your fuel/use tax returns. Funds given to us for payment of taxes are used solely for your tax payment. Many clients of our Operational Permit Service are also Fuel/Use Tax Reporting clients as most of the same records and information are needed for both services.

Fuel / Use Tax Reporting and Operational Permits

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