On-Site USDOT Compliance Mock Audit

Following the same basic format as the D.O.T. audit, we look for major and minor violations of the regulations. The audit is performed at your office, with all of your files (large companies may decide to have an audit performed on a percentage of the files.)

  • WHAT’S COVERED IN THE AUDIT:  We will audit your MCS90 insurance endorsements, CSA scores, driver qualification and history files, driver drug testing files, company drug testing records, accident files, driver logs/time cards, daily vehicle inspections, annual vehicle inspections, maintenance files, and mechanic qualifications.
  • REVIEWS: When our audit is finished, we review our findings with your management. This is a general overview of problems. For example, if 20 out of 50 drivers are missing the Investigation into Safety Performance History form, we would inform you of the problem, and suggest a way to solve it. Throughout this meeting, we take the time to explain the correct way to complete the records.
  • REPORTS:You will be provided with a written report listing all violations discovered in each file. We will offer our opinion of what your safety rating would be. Our “rating” is based on a procedure using the number and severity of the violations. You can choose to forward the results of our audit to shippers as some shippers regard our on-site audits the same as a D.O.T. audit. Also, a positive result shows that you are safety conscious which can be used to negotiate for lower insurance rates.
  • FEES: Prices vary depending on size of fleet and location of office. Audits can be done one time or on a regular basis.

This service is provided to companies within a selected area; call 1-800-367-9100 for more information.

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