Operational Permits

Each state has its own requirements covering permits, meaning you could have many different sets of rules to comply with. Tran Services can ease the burden of permits for you. Whether you choose the full service, or “pick-and-choose,” you will be getting the benefit of an extremely knowledgeable and courteous staff, with over 50 years of experience behind them.

  • PERMIT APPLICATIONS: We can complete your initial, add-on, or renewal applications. Initial applications are made for first-time permits for your new vehicle, or for current equipment that is being permitted in a new state. Add-on applications are prepared when you already have trucks permitted in a state, and “add-on” either a new or replacement vehicle in that state. Renewal applications are for permits which expire periodically. We have a strict renewal system ensuring that your permits will not expire. Our fee for this valuable service will be $45.00 per application plus State fees.
  • TEMPORARY PERMITS: When you need to travel through a state that is not listed on your IRP registration, or when you are adding a unit to your fleet and cannot obtain the IFTA permit immediately – Tran Services can assist you. We can get temporary permits for anyone. Obtaining a temporary is as easy as calling our toll-free number, giving us the necessary information, and paying by MasterCard or VISA. We will fax the permit to you. Our service fee to obtain a temporary permit is $45.00 plus State fees for each permit.
  • REGULATION CHANGES: We keep up-to-date on regulation changes. We are members of trade groups, such as IFTA Inc, IRP Inc, and the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. Also, we are in constant contact with the states, staying current on issues such as requirements for obtaining permits, Unified Carrier Registration Agreement (UCRA) changes, and the International Registration Plan (IRP).
  • QUOTE: We process the work quickly and efficiently so that if there are any problems, you are made aware of them immediately. We assure you that your records are kept confidential and are used only for processing your permits.

Fuel / Use Tax Reporting and Operational Permits

  • Number of straight trucks:

  • Please list Gross Vehicle Weight class(s) and number of vehicles per gvw class

  • Number of Buses

  • Please list Gross Vehicle Weight class(s) and number of vehicles per gvw class

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