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Do you know where most U.S. DOT fines are generated from? The hours of service rules. U.S. DOT Auditors will dig deep into your log records, and check against tolls, fuel tickets, anything – looking for violations. Tran Services knows the hours of service regulations inside and out. We can find every violation that U.S. DOT would find.

  • RECAPPING AND AUDITING: Each month, you will mail in your logs and any expense receipts. We computer recap your logs to determine if the number of allowable hours has been exceeded. We match the logs against toll, fuel, and other expense receipts to check for false entries. Attention is given to all logs – most violations will not be found on just a single log.
Average Speed Over Posted Speed Limits Driving in Excess of 11 Hours (Truck Drivers)
Driving in Excess of 10 Hours (Bus Drivers) Driving After 14 Consecutive Hours On-Duty (Truck Drivers)
Driving After 16 Consecutive Hours On-Duty (Truck Drivers) Driving After 15 Cumulative Hours On-Duty (Bus Drivers)
Driving After 60 Hours On-duty in 7 Days Driving After 70 Hours On-duty in 8 Days
Missing 7 Days Prior On-duty Time More Than 1 Log for a 24-hour Period
Change of Duty Location Missing or Not correct Log Missing or Not Correct
Main Office Address Missing or Not Correct Vehicle Number(s) Missing or Not Correct
Intentional Alteration of a Supporting Document Driving Mileage Missing
Driver’s Signature Missing or Not Correct Possible False Entries
Shipping Document Information Missing or Not Correct Name of Co-Driver Missing or Not Correct
Entries Not Legible or Not Driver’s Handwriting Total Hours Missing or Not Correct
Graph Grid Not Complete or Not Correct Fueling Time Not Shown on Grid Correctly
Inspection Time Not Shown On Grid Correctly Date Missing or Not Correct
Total Miles Missing or Not Correct Driving After 8 Consecutive Hours On-Duty Without 30 Minute Break 
Restart Missing 168  Minimum Hours Restart Missing 2 Consecutive Periods of 1 am to 5 am Possible Falsification
  • REPORTS: You will receive 2 reports.

Report #1, provided for each log that contains detailing violations, break downs of overtime violations, mile-per-hour violations, missing logs, and missing miles found by the computer recap for individual drivers. 

Report #2 is a company recap of all drivers’ violations. U.S. DOT realizes that not all logs are going to be perfect; what is important is that you know what is wrong with a log and have taken steps toward improvement.

  •  FEES: Continuous Monthly Driver’s Log Review Service – $35.00 per driver per month, includes any documentation of time and location to back-up what the driver has recorded on his log such as: monthly vendor fuel statements, trip sheets, motel or toll receipts, etc.

Pre-pay for the first month’s service and you will be billed for the number of drivers processed each month thereafter.

Upon completion of the review, we will return the logs, receipts, and reports to you.

  • START TODAY: For the continuous service, you can pre-pay for the first month by check, or MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express Card and you will be billed for the number of drivers processed each month thereafter. Available only to firms that own or operate commercial motor equipment.  

Drivers Log Review Service





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