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You want the best information there is on safety regulations. But you don’t have time to read a big, thick magazine. The Wheel News is the perfect
publication for you.

  • MONTHLY INFORMATION: Every month, The Wheel News gives you a concise overview of what’s happening in the industry. Topics range from Congressional passage of transportation bills to new record keeping requirements.
  • FEATURES: Regular features include U.S. DOT interpretations on the safety regulations straight from the government. We also publish questions we have received from our Technical Support Service members, along with our answers. Each month, you’ll find out what is new and get helpful hints on products.
  • SUBSCRIPTION FEES: You can receive 24 issues (2 years) of the monthly newsletter for $120.00; 12 issues (1 year) for $72.00.

           To start your subscription,  complete the form below.

             Available only to firms that own or operate commercial motor equipment.

  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICE: Members of this service receive The Wheel News as part of their membership fee.

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