Onsite U.S. DOT Safety Training

What exactly is needed to qualify a driver? When are log books needed – always, occasionally, never? Who can be qualified as a brake inspector and what can that person do to the brakes? The FMCSR are confusing because of many “hidden” requirements, a few exceptions, and interpretations. Tran Services’ instructors are experts on the regulations. With our training, you will learn everything you need to be in compliance.

  • TRAINING FOR YOUR COMPANY: Your employees will be trained at your location. We train by using visual aids, explaining the requirements in layman’s terms, and by answering your questions. We can work with one or several employees. Often, companies have different people in charge of different parts of the regulations. When everyone is trained, there is better communication because everyone understands the regulations.
  • TOPICS COVERED: You will be trained on everything that is covered in a U.S. D.O.T. audit. We look over and explain your MCS90 insurance endorsements, driver qualification files, driver drug and alcohol testing files, company drug and alcohol testing records, accident files, driver logs/time cards, vehicle daily inspections, vehicle annual inspections, vehicle maintenance files, and mechanic qualifications. We will determine what parts of the regulations you must comply with and what parts you may be exempt from. If you are new to the regulations, we will do extensive training on all aspects of the rules. If you are already familiar with the regulations, but want to be updated on the newest regulations or need a refresher, we will do that also.
  • REPORT: You will receive a written report recapping point by point the information that your staff was trained on. The report can be helpful with shippers and insurance agents, as it proves that you take safety seriously. Our training programs are well respected in the industry – we have over 50 years of knowledge behind us.
  • FEES: Prices vary depending on size of fleet and location of office. Training can be done one time or regularly.

This service is provided to companies within a selected area; call 1-800-367-9100 for more information.

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